mjl blog
April 17th 2018

Announcing duit: developer ui toolkit

Hi! In this blog post I’m announcing duit, which is a

  • pure go (*)
  • cross-platform
  • MIT-licensed
  • UI toolkit
  • for developers

It is pure Go – no C code or external library involved. The asterisk represents the runtime dependence on a helper tool. It provides duit with cross-platform drawing and mouse/keyboard interaction. More details later.

Cross-platform means duit applications run on the BSDs and Linux (X11), macOS (native drawing) and probably Plan 9. No proper Windows support yet, but it will happen, and in the mean time you can use duit through the Windows subsystem for Linux and an X server.

Look & feel

A video is worth a million words. Pay close attention and you’ll see in quick succession these applications created with duit: duitfiles, duitmap, duitsql, duitmail, acvi.