mjl blog
November 20th 2017

Announcing Ding: build server for developers

Ding has been released! Get it at https://github.com/mjl-/ding/. You get code under an MIT-license, but binaries are provided for your convenience.

I talked about ding last week at the Golang Amsterdam Meetup, https://www.meetup.com/golang-amsterdam/events/244621922/.

I want to keep this post short. Features:

  • Self-hosted build server. Keep control over your code and builds!
  • Simple. Get started quickly, experience the power of simplicity, use your existing skills, avoid the burden of complex systems.
  • Isolated builds, each build starts under its own user id.
  • Web API for all functionality.
  • Stand-alone binary, running on BSDs and Linux.


True, there are already plenty of build servers available. The experience I had were - unfortunately - with very complicated build servers. If you want a build server, it’s risky to learn how to use them. You invest a lot of time. Possibly without results. Sometimes it’s less risky or simply faster to write a new one.

Also it’s fun.

Also, where most modern build servers require docker, ding does not. Ding also runs on the BSDs. No monoculture.

Also, I wanted a build server that is easy to deploy. That’s still a work in progress though. It takes too many steps to set up a secure ding at the moment. There’s a plan to improve that though.