file date
emuq.exe 8 April 2011




you download the 750KB compressed emuq.exe inferno "kernel", run it and "boot" the default config by hitting return.  the config holds boot parameters, most importantly for the root file system.  on first run, a minimal root file system is fetched quickly. 

instant inferno! 


emuq is just emu (the name of the hosted inferno binary) with a small built-in root file system containing the init program vacinit.  vacinit is the graphical program you see when you start emuq.  it can fetch a config (over http) that contains a pointer to a root file system.  emuqs built-in root file system contains a default config that should be good enough. 

vacinit mounts a root file system with vacsrv (read-only).  the root file system is a vac file tree[fossil paper, section 3]: files are stored as hash trees, directories (holding files) too.  the data for hashes are retrieved from a venti server [paper,wikipedia], a content-addressed block store, and cached locally. 

emuq contains a few changes relative to the inferno-os google code repository.  see the branch vacinit for those changes.